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Gambrel Style Steel and Metal Buildings

The Gambrel style steel building is one of our most popular metal building styles. It's unique, sloped roof with optional overhangs on either side makes it a stylish and uniquely customizable building design. This style is ideal for barns, homes, and workshops - and it can also be used as a garage, shed, or any other type of building!

Below are some examples of different color, siding, roof, and additional feature customizations that we are capable of. If you have something else in mind, please contact us and a representative will work with you to create your ideal steel building!

  • Steel Building Garage Apartment

    A mocha tan exterior with custom windows and overhang garage doors creates a perfect garage apartment.

    Reference #: Gambrel 001

  • Traditional Metal Barn Building

    Brick red siding with a white roof makes this Gambrel building a perfect, traditional metal barn.

    Reference #: Gambrel 002

  • Steel Home with Overhang

    A charcoal colored Gambrel style steel home with custom windows and a front porch with an overhang.

    Reference #: Gambrel 003

  • Metal Home with Overhang

    Another view of the Gambrel metal home. White roof color and white overhang garage doors.

    Reference #: Gambrel 004

  • Gambrel Style Steel Home

    A Gambrel home with a forest green exterior and a custom built overhang with custom windows.

    Reference #: Gambrel 005

  • Two Story Metal Home with Overhang

    A two story gambrel steel building with dual overhang garage doors.

    Reference #: Gambrel 006

  • Custom Features Metal Home

    A custom built wooden stairway leading to a second floor of an attractive Gambrel metal home.

    Reference #: Gambrel 007

  • Custom Interior Metal Homes

    A custom wood kitchen interior on a Gambrel style building frame.

    Reference #: Gambrel 008

  • Custom Interior Steel Homes

    A livingroom view of a custom wood interior on a Gambrel style steel building.

    Reference #: Gambrel 009

  • Custom Interior Metal Buildings and Steel Buildings

    A custom wooden interior with a stone fireplace. Our metal buildings are easy to customize!

    Reference #: Gambrel 010

  • Steel Building Customized Interior

    Another view of a Gambrel style steel home with a custom, wooden interior floorplan.

    Reference #: Gambrel 011

  • Steel Building Construction

    An interior construction shot of a Gambrel style building featuring a second story stairway.

    Reference #: Gambrel 012

  • Metal Building Construction

    Another interior construction shot of a Gambrel style metal building. Customized interior layout.

    Reference #: Gambrel 013

  • Metal Building and Steel Building Floorplan

    Your floorplan layout can be completely custom with AmeriBuilt Steel Structures!

    Reference #: Gambrel 014

  • Steel Building with Custom Interior Framing

    Another shot of a customized steel home interior stairway with framing in place.

    Reference #: Gambrel 015

  • Steel Home Concept Engineering Drawing

    A concept shot from our engineering program. Build yours today!

    Reference #: Gambrel 016

We have over 25,000 design options available! Please contact us if you don't see what you're looking for!