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Our prefabricated steel buildings and metal buildings are custom designed to fit your exact needs. With thousands of options available, AmeriBuilt Steel Structures can design the perfect building type for any project, big or small.

  • American Barn Steel Buildings

    The iconic roof lines of our American Barn style metal building is perfect for steel homes, barns, garages, workshops, warehouses and more! This metal barn style is a true American classic!

  • Metal Buildings - Steel Building Kits

    A Gable End steel building is perfect for garages, workshops, and storage warehouses. This steel building style is heavy duty enough to handle tough jobs, but stylish enough to look great as a metal home!

  • Metal Homes - Metal Houses - Metal Building Homes

    Our Gambrel metal buildings are the start to your perfect dream home. All of our metal building kits arrive in a precut, ready-to-assemble package. Our steel building kits are bolted and screwed together, NO WELDING!

  • Outback Steel Buildings - Metal Buildings

    AmeriBuilt Steel Structures, Inc. is a Licensed Distributor for Outback Steel Buildings. Our metal buildings and steel buildings are designed in the United States, and we can ship worldwide!

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Buy Steel Buildings, Metal Buildings, Steel Homes, Garages, Barns and More! Over 180,000 Outback Steel Buildings Sold Worldwide!

Check out our MOST REQUESTED AmeriBuilt Steel Structures. Includes pictures, pricing, and multiple styles!

Steel Building Types

Building Process

When you choose AmeriBuilt Steel Structures for your next steel building, you should know what to expect! Take a look at this timelapse video footage of one of our steel buildings being built!

Once you're ready, take a look at our different building types to find the type of steel building that you need. After that, take a look at our different building styles and pick the design that is right for you!

All of our bulidings are custom built to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a garage space, a warehouse, a workshop, or a home, we have you covered!

What We Offer

Steel & Metal Buildings

We pre-engineer custom steel buildings and metal buildings perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. Our custom, pre-fabricated steel buildings can accommodate every need from business to residential. We feature steel sheds, steel garages, steel barns, steel mini-storage, steel churches, steel homes, steel industrial shops, and steel agricultural buildings.

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Value and Quality

We are an established U.S. company that designs and manufactures custom steel buildings in the United States. Over 180,000 Outback buildings have been sold worldwide. With our Outback Calc™ software, we can custom design and quote you a steel building price within minutes. You don't have to settle for a non-custom, "in stock" steel building.

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AmeriBuilt Steel "Green Homes"

Many of our steel buildings are easily converted to cost effective, energy efficient "green homes." Since each of our buildings are custom made, there are thousands of possibilities to explore! With AmeriBuilt Steel Structures, you can turn your AmeriBuilt steel structure into the home of your dreams! Find out more about the Outback difference!

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100% Financing Available

We offer 100% financing for bigger projects through our trusted loans program. Our 30 second loan approval and 0% APR programs will have you building in no time! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our available financing options, or with any other questions you may have about AmeriBuilt Steel Structures.

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Our Goal

Our goal at AmeriBuilt Steel Structures is to see that you get the most building value for your hard earned dollars. We are not going to try to sell you a steel building that has been "cancelled" because they rarely exist. We're not going to be calling you every day telling you we have a special, or that prices are going up, or just hounding you to buy from us today.

Our metal building kits include complete structural engineering. This engineering will include the foundation slab, piers, and any other requirements for your steel building design. Building options can include steel "rollup" & "overhead doors", steel access doors, insulation, roof overhangs and a wide range of color choices.

Steel buildings by AmeriBuilt Steel always include complete engineered foundation plans that match the steel building being purchased. Other companies will tell you they are giving you "calcs" for the columns and foundation bolt placement. That isn't an engineered foundation design!

We provide unlimited tech support as you erect your steel building. We are available 7 days a week to answer questions. Our 45 year warranty is backed by one of the oldest and largest steel fabricators in the industry.

When your ready to speak to a representative for your free steel building quote, feel free to call us toll free at 1.888.STEEL61 or email us at

Learn more about the AmeriBuilt construction process by viewing step by step slideshow presentation!


Steel Building Kits Testimonial - AmeriBuilt Steel Structures - Florida, US

"I am really pleased with the quality of the materials supplied. The metal was heavy gauge, the windows and doors were of highest quality, and I had to buy no materials other than that supplied. I would not hesitate to recommend an AmeriBuilt building to anyone."
Al Kimball - Mt. Dora, Florida

Metal Building Kits Testimonial - AmeriBuilt Steel Structures - California, US

"We had an excellent experience dealing with Mr. Horgan and AmeriBuilt. Jim takes his services to a personal level and he processed our building with the utmost in integrity, competitiveness and equitability. They follow thru with status of the building order, production and delivery process all the way to anticipating any logistical surprises."
Carlos Castillejo - Purchasing Manager, J&P Construction - Santa Maria, California

Steel and Metal Building Kits Testimonial - AmeriBuilt Steel Structures - Idaho, US

"I couldn't be happier with the building. There is no wasted space. The inside of the building is as clean a look as I have ever seen in a metal building. When I need another building it will be AmeriBuilt."
Steve Bisbee - Payette, Idaho

Metal Building Kits Testimonial - AmeriBuilt Steel Structures - Florida, US

"I was very pleased that the engineering drawings from AmeriBuilt were accepted by our county building department without any problems, they were signed and sealed with the correct Florida codes. I elected to put the building up myself (and act as the general contractor). The plans were straight forward, but when I did have some questions, Jim was able to answer them. I later ran out of time to complete the building, but Jim helped me find a local contractor that was experienced with metal buildings. In the end I did about half the work and the contractor did the rest. I still saved money doing it that way. The quality of the building supplies is good, it was all packaged correctly and delivered on time. I would not hesitate to do business with Jim in the future, he is honest and wants the customer to be happy with the end result."
Tom Villane - Geneva, Florida