Frequently Asked Questions

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Please feel free to browse our video library below. In the videos below you can explore information about the building process, how to guides, and other information about AmeriBuilt Steel Structures.

I need a new building, how do we start?

First, call or email AmeriBuilt Steel Structures. We will discuss the use of the proposed building. We then decide on the style of building that most appeals to you and provides what you need. We then discuss size, local building requirements, color, and delivery. We work up a custom quote for you stating all that is included and the delivered price. Upon your approval, the quote is sent to our engineer and the plans are drawn and stamped for your state. The plans are returned to you to take to your local building department for approval. After approval the building is ordered and fabricated. During this time the concrete work can be completed by you or your local contractor. The building will arrive complete in 3-4 weeks. You the buyer or a hired local contractor completes erection of the building. We supply complete plans and an easy assembly manual. Our buildings bolt and screw together, NO WELDING REQUIRED.

What is the process?

  1. Work with an Outback Steel Buildings representative to design a building to suit your needs.
  2. The design is sent to engineering for approval.
  3. Apply for a permit to build your building.
    Permit regulations vary by County and State, start investigating the requirements in your area as soon as you have decided to add a building to your property.
  4. Make arrangements to have the building erected.
  5. Plans return from engineering with stamp, your representative orders your building.
  6. Building is delivered to your site.

Watch a timelapse video of the building process below:

How long does the process take?

  • Engineering Package - 10 to 12 working days.
  • Permit approval - 2 to 3 weeks. Depends on local agency.
    Check with your local building department for lead times in your area to get permit approval.
  • Building Delivery - 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Total process, depending on permitting time, is 4-5 weeks

Are there other things I need to think about?

  • Snow loading, wind speed, exposure, soil density variances, etc.
  • Aesthetics (Windows, Trim, Siding Choice, Color Choice)

What clearances are needed for the door selected?

  • For overhead doors you need 18" additional height for door track and 12" on each side for the side door track.
    What are you putting in the building? If your boat and trailer have a combined height of 10 feet, you need to plan on a building with 12 foot doors.
  • Consider a canister door to save space.

How can the Outback Calc™ program help me?

Outback Calc™ allows your representative to accurately design a building to your specifications. The program instantly calculates the price of the finished product (no more waiting days or weeks for a bid). With Outback Calc™, we can quickly design the building which fits both your needs AND budget!

What options are available?

All our buildings are custom designed to your requirements. You have the choice of roofing color, siding and trim (45 year paint warranty). We have many sizes and types of garage doors and window openings available.

We can provide roof overhangs w soffits, gutters & down spouts.

You can choose from several types of insulation & solar barriers, from R10 and up. We can also provide roof cupolas and weather vanes for that rustic country look.

What is special about your buildings?

Our buildings are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. We include an detailed assembly manual, stamped engineered plans, and a bill of materials with every purchase. The structure is constructed with an all galvanized steel frame, and the steel building comes pre-cut and pre-drilled; all you need to do is bolt and screw the building together, no welding required! We engineer and meet hurricane standards of up to 160 mph. Simple footing and slab foundation plans are included. Interior space can be divided as the customer requires. We also engineer roof rafters without truss webs hanging into usable space.

Where can I find more information about AmeriBuilt Steel Structures?

For more information about AmeriBuilt Steel Structures, please call us directly at 407-340-9401. You can also visit us around the web on various social networking sites.

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